Monthly Archives: February 2010

Lifestyle Transformation – Stairs and Water Feature in Seattle

How Good Design Can Change Your Lifestyle… This project turned a neglected side yard into a wonderful inviting garden. One of the basic concepts of design is to understand the circulation pattern. In this before picture the ‘wedding cake’ stairs were not only dangerous but illustrates how the circulation was taking up to much precious… Continue Reading

Raised Bed Gardening

Are raised beds worth the effort and expense? The simple answer is yes, and here are a few reasons to make room in your landscape: Raised beds give the gardener an opportunity to control key factors such as soil make up, drainage and sun exposure. No foot traffic through your raised beds means less compacted… Continue Reading

Lifestyle Transformation – Deck and Patio in Sammamish

How Good Design Can Change Your Lifestyle… This picture shows a common situation well worn deck and a hot tub next to it. This family wanted better access to the hot tub, a low maintenance deck, a safe play space for small children and inviting areas to encourage use of more of the property. The… Continue Reading